General product safety

When a product is not within the scope of CE, the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC (GPSD) must be considered. As of Dec. 13, 2014, also known as General Product Safety Regulation 2023/988/EU (GPSR). This directive/regulation oversees the safety of general products. These include bicycles, toothbrushes but also sex toys.

What is the General Product Safety Regulation 2023/988/EU?

General Product Safety Regulation 2023/988/EU replaces Directive 2001/95/EC and comes into force on December 13, 2024. This new regulation sets stricter requirements for the safety of products sold in the European Union. The goal is to better protect consumers and ensure that all products meet the highest safety standards.

Important Changes and Requirements

The new regulation brings several changes, including stricter requirements for risk assessment, product testing and documentation. An important aspect is that even products covered by CE marking must meet the requirements of this regulation. This means that all parties involved, from manufacturers to importers and distributors, are responsible for ensuring product safety.

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